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OM System TG-7 + PT-059 housing + Backscatter wide angle lens

OM System TG-7 + PT-059 housing + Backscatter wide angle lens

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OM System TG-7 (formally Olympus)

The TG-7 is one of the best compact cameras ever made for underwater photography. The camera itself is waterproof down to 15m which is amazing protection in case you ever have a problem with an underwater housing leaking. It contains really useful underwater modes to help with the colour and the macro mode (they call it microscope mode) is incredible.

OM System PT-059 (formally Olympus)

The OM System housing for the TG-7 feels good in your hands and allows you to access every feature of the camera in a logical way. The front port has a 52mm filter thread for attaching external “wet” lenses. It comes with an adapter with a fibre optic port for attaching a standard Sea and Sea type fibre optic cable. It is depth rated to 45m.

Backscatter wide angle lens

The Backscatter M52 wide angle lens was designed with the Olympus/OM System TG series in mind. With a 120 degree angle of coverage, sharp corners, and no vignetting at 24mm end, this lens is great.

It is a “wet” lens meaning you can fit or remove it when underwater. In fact having water between your housing’s port and the rear element of this lens is important, and you especially don’t want to have air bubbles in between. It is always best to get into the water without the lens attached, both to deal with the bubble problem but also to make your system lens vulnerable to damage as it hits the water surface on entry.

  • Angle Of View : 120 Degrees
  • Box Contents : OM system TG-7 camera/OM System PT-059 housing/Backscatter wide angle lens
  • Depth Rating : housing 45 meters/Backscatter wide angle lens
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