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Ikelite #71505 FUJIFILM X-T5 HOUSING

Ikelite #71505 FUJIFILM X-T5 HOUSING

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A full featured and durable waterproof housing for Fujifilm X-T5 mirrorless digital cameras. Suitable for scuba, snorkel, surf, pool, and any application in or around the water

The housings are designed from the ground up to provide full camera control and connection for external strobe lighting out of the box. Advanced features including TTL lighting exposure and enhanced magnifying viewfinders are available as needed.

Our DL-series lens ports are optimized to be the lightest on the market with superb image quality. The materials chosen for our housings and lens ports are chosen to maximize durability and corrosion resistance while minimizing travel weight and cost.

A compatible lens port is required for waterproof operation (sold separately). Choose the correct port components on the lens you will be shooting.

  • Accessory Mount : M16 Thread
  • Box Contents : Housing / O'ring 0132.59 / O'ring #0132.45 / base with left hand quick release handle #4077.67 / silicone lubricant 1cc tube
  • Controls : Controls are provided for everything except Fn2, Touch screen, Focus mode selector, Focus stick tilt, or Diopter adjustment knob; Front and rear dials may be rotated but not pressed
  • Depth Rating : 200 feet (60 meters)
  • Dimensions : 9.2 x 7.375 x 6.75" (234 x 187 x 171 mm)
  • Sync : Ikelite Bulkhead with Manual Hotshoe
  • Weight : 4.9 lb
  • Port Mount : DL (Dry Lock)
  • Port Chart : port-chart-dl-fujifilm
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