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Ikelite #69746 CANON EOS R7 HOUSING

Ikelite #69746 CANON EOS R7 HOUSING

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Never before have we been so excited for a compact mirrorless camera. The combination of size, imaging quality, and value of the Canon EOS R7 system is unparalleled.

A compatible lens port is required for waterproof operation (sold separately). Choose the correct port components on the lens you will be shooting.

  • Accessory Mount : 1/2-20 thread
  • Box Contents : Housing/Housing o'rings/silicone grease 1cc
  • Controls : Controls are provided for everything except Diopter Adjustment Slider, Multi-Controller (can be pressed straight in), Depth-of-Field Preview Button, Focus Mode Switch
  • Depth Rating : 60 metres (200 feet)
  • Dimensions : 191x150x152mm
  • Sync : Ikelite bulkhead with manual hotshoe
  • Weight : 3lb
  • Port Mount : DLM (dry lock micro)
  • Port Chart : port-chart-dlm-d-system
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