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Backscatter M52 Underwater 81° Wide Air Lens

Backscatter M52 Underwater 81° Wide Air Lens

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This lens is ideal for the Olympus/OM System TG series of cameras when fitted inside a housing with a 52mm thread such as the Olympus/OM system PT housings and the Seafrogs housings.

This lens is designed to be compact and light weight. It restores the camera's normal land angle of view when underwater. It is good for doing under/over shots assuming you find a method to stop the water from draining between your camera's port and the rear of the lens through the tiny holes on the housing filter thread. There is also a much wide lens available in the Backscatter range that would be better for capturing larger subjects.

  • 81° Underwater Field of View
  • Wet-Mate Lens
  • Sharp Corners
  • No Vignetting
  • Anti-Reflection Coating
  • Zoom Through for Tighter Shots
  • Works with TG-5 & TG-6, & TG-7 Microscope Mode for macro while installed
  • 165-feet / 50-meter depth rating
  • Includes Dome Cover, Rear Lens Cap, Fibre Optic Cable Adapter

M52 Air Lens NOT Compatible With No-Burp O-rings

  • Angle Of Coverage : 81 degrees
  • Box Contents : Air Lens/Neoprene cover
  • Depth Rating : 50 meters
  • Dimensions : 120x34mm
  • Mount Type : 52mm Screw thread
  • Weight : 160 grams
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